Purple Rose Wellness offers D.I.Y. Parties. Group Activities, and Indiviudal Wellness Consulting! 

To book us for your next party, please send us an email at: with the following information to choose the best package for your needs and secure a date! 



Host Name and Contact Information 

Number of Attendees

What you are looking for: D.I.Y. Party, Group Wellness Informstional and/or Hands-On Activity, or Individual Wellness Consulting

*If you are looking for a D.I.Y. Party, please specify the items you would like for you and your attendees to make: 4oz or 8oz Candles, Wax Melts, Bath Bombs, Soap Bars, Bath Soaks, Bath Salt Blends, Body Butters, or Sugar Scrubs

*If you are looking for a Group Informational or Hands-On Activity, please specify what you are interested in learning and/or making:

- General Self-Care Pracitces and Specific Ways to Improve Your Self-Care Routine  (Informational with the option to add-on a Hands-On Activity l) 

- Aromatherapy and Affordable Ways to Incorporate Into Your Self-Care Routines (Informational) 

- Making Your Own Self-Care Products Using Natural Ingredients (Informational with the option to add-on a Hands-On Activity) 

- Candle-Making 101 (Hands On with an Informational Component)

- Bath Bombs 101 (Hands-On!)

- Soap-Making 101 (Hands-On with an Informational Component)

- Sugar and Salt Scrubs and the Benefits of Each (Hands-On & Informational)

 Full Payment must be made at time of booking if booking less than 2 weeks before your event. If booking further out, a 50% non refundable deposit is due at time of booking with the remaining amount due 14 days before your event. No refunds! Cancellations will result in losing your money. Please be certain when choosing your date! Rescheduling allowed within 7 days of your event date at no charge. Rescheduling less than 7 days before your event date will result in a 20% inconvenience charge. Preparing for your event costs us time and money, so please be mindful! 

*If you are interested in Individual Wellness Consulting, please specify in your email what you would like to learn more about or what area you’d like to incorporate into your self-care routine.