Purple Rose Wellness offers D.I.Y. Parties. Group Activities, and Indiviudal Wellness Consulting! 

To book us for your next party, please send us an email at: with the following information to choose the best package for your needs and secure a date! 



Host Name and Contact Information 

Number of Attendees

What you are looking for: D.I.Y. Party, Group Wellness Informstional and/or Hands-On Activity, or Individual Wellness Consulting

*If you are looking for a D.I.Y. Party, please specify the items you would like for you and your attendees to make: 4oz or 8oz Candles, Wax Melts, Bath Bombs, Soap Bars, Bath Soaks, Bath Salt Blends, Body Butters, or Sugar Scrubs

*If you are looking for a Group Informational or Hands-On Activity, please specify what you are interested in learning and/or making:

- General Self-Care Pracitces and Specific Ways to Improve Your Self-Care Routine  (Informational with the option to add-on a Hands-On Activity l) 

- Aromatherapy and Affordable Ways to Incorporate Into Your Self-Care Routines (Informational) 

- Making Your Own Self-Care Products Using Natural Ingredients (Informational with the option to add-on a Hands-On Activity) 

- Candle-Making 101 (Hands On with an Informational Component)

- Bath Bombs 101 (Hands-On!)

- Soap-Making 101 (Hands-On with an Informational Component)

- Sugar and Salt Scrubs and the Benefits of Each (Hands-On & Informational)


*If you are interested in Individual Wellness Consulting, please specify in your email what you would like to learn more about or what area you’d like to incorporate into your self-care routine.