Community Wellness Project - Scarves!

Community Wellness Project - Scarves!

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Purple Rose Wellness strongly believes and supports a sense of growing community wellness. One of the ways we attempt to support this growth is through partnerships with local non-profits/community support organizations.

As the winter months are fast approaching, we wanted to give back in a new way. This time, we'll be donating handmade scarves to United Communities Against Poverty - specifically Shepard's Cove, a community under UCAP.

Each $25 purchase goes towards the making of a second scarf to be donated, with remaining profits donated to UCAP along with the scarves.


We are currently also looking for people willing to donate handmade scarves/assist in making scarves! Our goal is to drop off at least 20 handmade scarves to UCAP - Shepard's Cove by the end of December!