Valentine's Day Special! DMV ONLY!

Valentine's Day Special! DMV ONLY!

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Purple Rose Wellness is excited to introduce our new Valentine's Day Special! This special can be used on either February 14, 2020 or February 15th, 2020. 

This special can be brought to a hotel of your choice, or to your home! Our fee is inclusive of:

- Set-up: We will come set-up a room in your home or a hotel room with Valentine's Day decorations and the items below. Note: The pricing does not include the cost of a hotel room. You need to book your own hotel room and give us access to set-up.

- Dessert of your choice: 1 dozen Chocolate-covered Strawberries, 1 dozen Cupcakes, or 2-dozen Cookie assortment. 

- Beverage of your choice (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic): $50 limit

- Couples Set: Candles, Bath Bomb, Face Mask, Body Scrub, and Body Butter