Financial Wellness

Becoming financially literate is one of many ways to practice self-care! If you're wondering what financial literacy is, it is essentially the ability to effectively understand and apply different skills related to managing your money. Whether you are someone living paycheck to paycheck, someone struggling to budget, or someone living financially comfortable, being financially literate is essential. 

We will update this blog post with various tips weekly, and you can find downloadable resources under our Financial Literacy Collection. 

9/11/20 Tips:

Goal-setting makes a HUGE difference. If you take the time to identify your financial goals, quantify them, and think through the process of reaching those goals, they will become more attainable. TIP: Think about your WHY. Why do you want a new car, or a house, or that cute outfit you found on FashionNova? Then, think about HOW. How will you reach that goal? What's your process? How much money do you need in order to reach that goal? Is it realistic within your budget? This will force you to evaluate your spending and assess where you can cut costs to save more! Our Financial Goals Worksheet provides the space to put this process on paper, and it can be found here. 

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