Sleepytime Lotion

Sleepytime Lotion

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Our "Sleepytime" lotion is formulated with magnesium and tallow for the perfect nighttime routine! Magnesium chloride is an excellent form of transdermal magnesium, easily absorbed by our bodies! 

Made with grass-fed tallow butter, this lotion is sure to help moisturize while making falling asleep easier (and easing any muscle aches you may have - i.e. restless leg syndrome)! Because distilled water is used to make the lotion consistency, we use a natural preservative and emulsifier that is safe for all skin types to ensure that the lotion remains shelf stable and heat-resistant.

Available scented with either vanilla, sweet orange, or lavender essential oils as well as unscented! 



  • Magnesium Chloride Oil
  • Grass-Fed Tallow
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Unrefined shea butter
  • Distilled water
  • Natural preservative and emulsifier 
  • Essential oil (unless ordered unscented)